Thursday, April 10, 2008


Superferry: if the cracks widened sufficiently, they could allow in enough water “to sink the ship”

by Larry Geller

Joan Conrow reports in Superferry Damage: Da Inside Scoop on interviews broadcast on KKCR this afternoon by Katy Rose and Jimmy Trujillo. They spoke with three guests who brought not-previously-available inside information to Hawaii on Superferry repairs and related subjects.

If the audio is available, I'll link to it in a future post. Meanwhile, thanks to Joan for the story, and of course to Katy and Jimmy for going where our commercial media fear to tread.

Quite possibly we could hear something from ferry management in response, if they have been paying attention.

Anyway, be the first on your block to learn about cracks and welds and more. Go read Joan's article now.


Aloha Larry, mahalo for helping to publicise the interview with the Austal workers. Island Breath should have a transcript posted and Jonathan Jay has burned a copy to post on that site as well. Hopefully folks can view and listen to the interview by the end of the week.
Mahalo to our guests Swan,Caroline and Waine for sharing their story and providing info about the construction and repairs of the Alakai. Their concerns about shoddy workmanship and lack of standards for welds and fabrication defects went upon deaf ears.
The alleged racial discriminations against Austal USA will be settled in court but the lack of safety related quality control will be the focus of future suits against Lehman, Garibaldi and all. Damning testimony from folks who were involved in the construction of the Alakai should be part of the OversightTask Force review for our hi speed large capacity ferry. Concrete pour into the hulls to fill cracks seems a little dodgy to me but they know better than I.
Mahalo again Larry for helping the story get out.
Malama pono,......Jimmy T

Thanks to you both for doing the interview! I recorded it and hope to listen this evening.

This was an amazing job by Katy, Jimmy, Jonathan, the two Austal workers, and their union organizer. This was one of the best radio interviews I have ever listened to. Awesome, totally awesome. Aloha, Brad

aloha larry,
tomorrow on KKCR hosts scott majerus and keone kealoha will review the interview w/Austal USA insiders during their Kauai Soapbox program at 4pm to 530pm. call in for questions, comments or just listen to community radio at its best 91.9fm or

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