Friday, January 25, 2008


Troubling Hawaii ties to Indonesian military intensify

by Larry Geller

My copy of the Advertiser hasn't even been delivered yet, but the on-line article, Isle ties with Indonesia growing, rang alarm bells even at this early hour. 

Hawai'i National Guard soldiers will participate in a military exercise in Indonesia in April, the Southeast Asian nation will take part in a hurricane exercise here in March, and Indonesian noncommissioned and junior officers may train at Hawai'i National Guard facilities.

The military-to-military engagement is part of Hawai'i's emerging relationship with the world's largest Muslim country, and stems from the National Guard Bureau's efforts to link U.S. states with foreign countries.

As the article lays out, the military relationship goes beyond disaster preparedness. It will be of significant benefit to the corrupt and murderous Indonesian military organization, and Hawaii will therefore be complicit in their future human rights abuses.

The article only touches on the problem in a single paragraph:

U.S. military ties with Indonesia were cut by the Clinton administration in 1999 over human rights concerns. The Bush administration restored full military relations with Indonesia in 2005.

See also these earlier Disappeared News articles related to Governor Linda Lingle's trip to Indonesia.


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