Friday, January 25, 2008


Lee Cataluna, meet Ian Lind

by Larry Geller

Ok, my paper arrived. I really appreciate many things about the Honolulu Advertiser. For example, it's occasional coverage of the situation in Burma. And always, Lee Cataluna's columns. I don't appreciate their selection of national commentators, but that's another article.

In today's column, Beware of Lingle 'legacy', Lee questions Lingle's announcement during her State of the State address that she'd like to pick up ownership of the Turtle Bay resort for the state. Cataluna's closing paragraph:

It's hard to believe that Lingle would throw in such a huge, flapping red herring in a time when there are so many other pressing issues to be dealt with. It hardly seems a capricious move. She has no history of being a capricious leader. Quite the contrary. She's very plotting. Like a chessmaster, she plays the whole match in her head before the first move. She must be up to something.

Lee Cataluna has questions. Ian Lind is working on answers.

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