Thursday, January 31, 2008


Superferry: structural failure?

by Larry Geller

Thanks to Brad Parsons for pointing to this excellent article by Juan Wilson.

Juan has some great pics of the computerized "Seastate" steering system used by the Superferry and a lot of information on the rudder problem that this large capacity passenger ferry is experiencing.

Juan describes the problem as a serious structural failure, and a disaster for the ferry corporation. Not just a PR nightmare (if the dailies ever cover it), but something serious enough to doom its military future (awww...).

It's a long article and I don't want to quote snippets. Check it out.

In contrast to the dire prediction that Juan is making, the Superferry website insists, as of a couple of minutes ago, that it will be sailing on Friday:

Sailing Friday

So I guess we just wait and see. Too bad though about those 30 or so vehicles stuck on the dock on Maui (and maybe some on Oahu too). They might be home again tomorrow, as this Travel Alert says, or if Juan is right, maybe not yet.

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See also: Superferry taking a beating in rough seas? at:
The truth is probably somewhere inbetween the two. Aloha, Brad

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