Wednesday, January 02, 2008


A ConCon is coming! A ConCon is coming? Tune in to Town Square tomorrow

by Larry Geller

Yeah, the Lt. Governor is putting it on the ballot, and for sure, there are folks willing to pay for enough PR to push voters to go for it.

I don't know if I'm in favor of holding a Constitutional Convention or not. While I think we could use the occasion to remove some of the corruption in government (for example), on the other hand, a lot of damage can be done as well.

If it is to happen, we, the people, want to be in charge, don't we?

That means getting educated. I wasn't in Hawaii for previous ConCons. So what do I know.

We can learn together. Tune in tomorrow, Thursday, 5-6 pm to Town Square, hosted by Beth-Ann Kozlovich, on Hawaii Public Radio. 89.3 FM or streaming from

Guests will be UH Prof. Jon Van Dyke, constitutional law expert, Poka Laenui, attorney and a delegate at the first ConCon (and lots more, if you know Poka), and  UH political science professor Ira Rohter.

It's a call-in program, so you can join in. What do you think should happen if there is a ConCon? Be heard.


I have heard that Neil Milner (UH ombudsman & poli-sci prof) will be on the panel, too.

As Ira Rother will discuss, the most important improvement to government is the elimination of Political Contributions. The Leg has proved incapable of making this change against its incumbents potential loss of leverage against newcomers, and only a ConCon can get this needed change to the focus of elections from money to issues. Maine, Arizona and Conn have adopted a model that Hawaii can use if its citizens have the will to have elections of officials (like hiring any government workers) be paid by the State, instead of private individuals looking for influence.

Yes, Ira will discuss that for sure. But if you like, you can call in and maybe beat him to it.

I agree with you about this being the most important improvement, and that only a ConCon could do it in Hawaii.

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