Wednesday, January 02, 2008


2008 is kinda like 2007

by Larry Geller

I love the year-end retrospectives in the newspapers, on radio, and everywhere. For me, looking back at the year's political cartoons, top news stories, or even hit recipes refreshes my mind. Oh, that. Yes, that was important. Or that, it was really stupid. Or that, we shouldn't forget that story, it's still happening.

Trouble is, having reviewed 2007, we may then tend to forget it for good. I mean, who looks back at 2006??

Although the year has changed, I notice many things are still the same.

This was brought home to me while trying to take the last backup of my shiny new HP system for 2007.

I have never been able to get this system to complete a backup. It's one of the many things it refuses to do. I have come to hate Microsoft Vista. With a passion.

I called HP, of course, when the problem first arose. They said the error message was from Windows. Microsoft says the error means that the data on my backup drive is corrupt. Hey, I know that. But I've tested the drive and it passes with flying colors. Western Digital (the drive manufacturer) says the problem is with the backup software. The backup software people say the problem is with the drive. Trapped. Finished. No one will help me.

So I bought another drive. Same problem. I changed backup software. It still happens. I know better than to call HP again, they'll just send me to Microsoft.

This is so 2007.

Please don't suggest I buy a Mac.

Don't rub it in.



Buy a 24" iMac. You can run Windoze as an app if you so choose, but you won't.

Juan Wilson

It's tempting, believe me. But you're right, I won't.

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