Thursday, December 06, 2007


There was a Honolulu Stock Exchange?

by Larry Geller

 Honolulu Stock ExchangeAfter ranting about how Hawaii is always trying to be the center of the Pacific for something, whether it is high-tech, communications, or even a stock exchange, I Googled to find out just how that crazy stock exchange idea came about. You know, who thought of it, who was pushing it. Strangely, I hit an article saying it had opened! Whoa! No way.

But yes. The above article appeared in the New York Times on December 21, 1902.

Apparently it operated until 1976 (1977 according to the Wikipedia)! Obviously the first try didn't get to be the center of much, although over the 75 or so years of its existence it must have done something. The second try didn't happen. Yet.

The research has been fascinating, though. Google finds little vignettes of Hawaii as seen by the New York Times. Stuff like this longer article. Do you notice hints of slave labor on the plantations?:



The trouble with this is that it mentions (in an 1899 article) the Honolulu Stock Exchange, yet the prior article, from the same New York times, says that the stock exchange opened in 1902.


Aloha Larry, Actually the exchange had an even longer history - several fitful stops and starts. For details please see my post at


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