Friday, December 07, 2007


Good thing the cops didn't have Tasers

by Larry Geller

Police brutality exists even in Hawaii.

This video, shot by a fan from the stands, is less than clear. It appears that the police are pounding a man who rushed onto the field with their fists although he is already down, but we can't see it clearly.

More information will undoubtedly come out. For the moment, let's just be glad that these cops didn't have Tasers.

[Click on the pic to play from YouTube]

UH Police Brutality


The video also illustrates the value of citizen journalism. Perhaps the photographer wasn't a journalist before uploading the video, but I think the term fits perfectly once the info has been displayed to the public. Because of the video, this incident has been noticed and reported by the establishment press.

We can all be citizen journalists. Use your cell phone camera, your digital camera, or your video camera. Let the rest of us know what you have seen. Then you are a journalist, at least for that moment, and no college degree is necessary.


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After seeing this original video, and the footage of it that KITV edited down for use during a broadcast, I learned of and wrnt to the following website:

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