Friday, December 07, 2007


Superferry link, pics

Brad Parsons has put together some links to other blogs and also links to his collection of photos.

See it over at the Hawaii Superferry blog.

His article with links is here, and the article with photos of Kahului Harbor and the protests is here.

If you're using a newsreader (aggregator) to follow Superferry events, Brad doesn't show a feed on his blog, but this one works.  Put Brad's feed into your newsreader to be updated instantly on Superferry-related events over on Maui.

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I'm new to these blogs, so I never did set up that "feed" thing properly. There a almost a 100 good posts on that blog over the past 3 months. I'll be scaling back, but still plan on taking photos of the upcoming protests.
I view this thing as having been a very interesting research project..."A Perfect Politial Storm in the Making" just like it was in B.C.

Aloha, Brad

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