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Monday, December 03, 2007


Superferry barge is indeed challenged by Mother Nature

by Larry Geller

Brad Parsons has been monitoring the surf forecasts for Kahului Harbor and emailed a forecast for big surf today. His watchfulness seems to be on the mark. This "breaking" news has just been posted by the Advertiser:

KAHULUI, Maui — An NCL cruise ship and the Hawaii Superferry barge broke several lines today as large swells rolled across Kahului Harbor.

Two lines connecting the barge to a pier snapped, according to Michael Formby, head of the state Department of Transportation's Harbors Division.

The stern line has been replaced and other lines connecting the barge to the pier are being tightened, he said. [Harbor swells snap Superferry, cruise ship barge lines - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper]

So what will the ferry do if it arrives at a port and the barge is dancing around so much that disembarking would not be safe or pleasant? I thought that would be the worst case, but an even worse situation would be if it couldn't go back where it came from for the same reason. In other words, if the surf kicked up back on Oahu while the ship was enroute.

Did he ever return, no he never returned and his fate is still unknown he may ride forever neath the Streets of Boston he's the man who never returned. Did he ever return, no he never returned and his fate is still unknown he may ride forever neath the Streets of Boston he's the man who never returned.

Oh, did you know there is a Superferry protest song? It's probably been around quite awhile, but I just discovered it. Recorded by Enuf Already. Click here to listen. Lyrics and chords here. Thanks to the various websites that have posted this song.


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Here are some pics of the surf in Kahului Harbor yesterday:

And something else you might find of interest:

Aloha, Brad

Thanks, Brad!

Here is another good link for you, it is live...real-time:

Also, there appear to be reliable surf forecasts again calling for big surf Wed. evening into Thurs.:


OAHU-900 AM HST TUE DEC 4 2007


Surf along north facing shores will be 15 to 20 feet today decreasing to 12 feet Wednesday morning, then increasing to 20 to 24 feet by Wednesday evening.

Surf along west facing shores will be 6 to 12 feet today decreasing to 7 feet Wednesday morning, then increasing to 6 to 12 feet by Wednesday evening.

Surf along east facing shores will be 2 to 5 feet today through Wednesday morning increasing to 5 to 8 feet Wednesday evening but with higher surf on coastline exposed to the north northwest swell.

Surf along south facing shores will be 4 feet today increasing to 3 to 5 feet Wednesday.

Outlook through Monday Dec 10. Surf conditions will be choppy and stormy on all shores except the east shore. Surf from the next north northwest swell will be just under the north shore 25 foot warning criteria Wednesday evening but will remain above the 15 foot advisory level through Thursday.

Surf heights are forecast heights of the face or front of waves. The surf forecast is based on the significant wave height in the zone of maximum refraction. Some waves may be more than twice as high as the significant wave height. Expect to encounter rip currents in or near any surf zone."

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