Monday, December 03, 2007


Akaku posts interview with Coast Guard on security zone

by Larry Geller

Thanks to a pointer from Brad in comments.

Click on over to Akaku to view a video interview:

Lt. John Titchen, USCG Governmental Affairs Officer from Oahu and Lt. Darwin Jensen, USCG Ranking Officer on Maui sat down with Executive Producer, Dave Coennen, to discuss the temporary expansion of the security zone in and around Kahului Harbor that goes into effect on December 6 for the arrival of the Hawaii Superferry, Alakai.

Maui Daily 12-3-2007

There is additional coverage of weekend protests on the page, along with a request for citizen journalism that could give the major networks a run for their money:

Be the Media: Upload your webcam or cellphone video report from the scene to this site or send us the link and we may broadcast your video. Call in or Skype and iChat us during the coverage and share your experience.

Check with Akaku for their Skype or iChat contact info and become a reporter yourself.

Also, Akaku and the other public access channels need your support in the face of a planned state takeover. Akaku is fighting a requirement that the channels be put out to competitive bidding. That could turn public access television in Hawaii over to anyone, including potentially Mainland organizations like a subsidiary of (say) Fox News.

If you appreciate their work, please take the time to find out how you can help save public access TV in Hawaii.


BTW, in this interview Lt. John Titchen said that the Coast Guard had been reserved and not agressive with the Kauai protestors in Nawiliwili Harbor. That is not accurate. Per Pualaa of Kauai they used the V-hulled boats to try to run up on and ram the people in the water and then while they were recovering try to apprehend them. Pualaa used her feet and legs to give her body some shock and cushion so they could not disable her with the V-hull boat. They were being very aggressive to the Kauai people. They also unshielded a huge mounted machine gun, which was totally unnecessary. Lastly, the people on the shoreline were not throwing rocks and bottles at the Coast Guard. That is a fabrication. WE DO NOT NEED ANY, NONE, NADA, HEAVY MACHINES BEING BRANDISHED IN KAHULUI HARBOR! Aloha, Brad

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