Saturday, November 10, 2007


Watch out for Superferry backlash

by Larry Geller

Probably many people expect that there will be protests should the Superferry sail before an EIS is completed. There's no predicting what will happen, nor at what level, nor how many people might be involved.

It could be as small as sign holding, it could be as large as a major confrontation in the water (I hope not).

One thing to watch will be a backlash among ferry supporters. I hope that vehicles are inspected for weapons, for example, before the ferry leaves the pier on Oahu.

And demonstrators on the far side might be vigilant. Supporters may become rabid with victory. Harbor police may act like cowboys eager to try out their shiny new equipment on demonstrators.

My hope is that the legal system will restrain the ferry so that the chance for confrontation will be eliminated.

In time, should the ferry run, supporters will quiet down. Especially if they are waiting in the holding area for the ferry, and discover that there are no bathrooms. Or if they arrive from Oahu as passengers and discover they can't rent a car.

Reality may set in all by itself. But right now, some of them may be dangerous. Neighbor Islands, beware.

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