Friday, November 30, 2007


Hawaii Superferry--Fair Weather friend?

by Larry Geller

Airplanes fly in all sorts of bad weather. How will the ferry fare?

Brad Parsons has emailed some surf forecasts. I'm not sure I know how to interpret them, but it would be interesting to see what effect potentially high surf has on the Superferry. It didn't take much to break loose the loading barge at Kahului Harbor.

If medium to high wave action cause the barge and the ferry to rock 'n roll, they'll be dancing separately to Mother Nature's tune. Not great for embarking or disembarking passengers.

The blogs and emails are full of speculation about this. The newspapers say nothing, of course. We shall see.

This service is supposed to revolutionize interisland travel but to do so it will have to be able to keep to its schedule.

From the buzz, there's going to be a revolution of a different sort, whenever it finally does sail. If the surf's up, the party might have to begin without its star attraction.


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