Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Chance to ask your own questions about the Phileas transportation alternative

by Larry Geller

It's more like a train than a bus, except when it's more like a bus than a train.

Eliminate the middleman. Call in to Hawaii Public Radio's Town Square hosted by Beth-Ann Kozlovich on Thursday, November 29 5-6 pm on 89.3 FM or streaming from and question Jos Jansen of Advanced Public Transport Systems yourself. That's right, no city council person or mayor will stand between you and the company's expert. Fire away with your most difficult questions.

Find out for yourself what this transportation option might offer you or your family and how it works.

The phone number to call is 941-3689 from Oahu or 1 877 941-3689 from elsewhere.


I missed the program due to other duties but Transportation alternatives is one of my favorite subjects. This one looks like a segmented bus that has its own bus route in the center of a road. So the downside is that we are still dealing with making more roads and pedestrians would still be in harms way since they have to cross the road for cars first before they get to the bus. Fixed rail is much better cause it takes up less space and doesn't need to depend on road building. We gotta stop paving more of paradise.

This system is very much like a train in that it can run in its fixed guideway (in fact, the driver can get up and help people while it is running) but it can also go down to the street if necessary. It's also easy to try out routes and make changes. Can't do that with a real train.

I posted some videos on this blog August 4. You can click on the August 2007 archive link over on the left side, or it is here:

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