Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Follow the Superferry trial via Akaku and blogs

by Larry Geller

I am trying to multitask and watch the Superferry trial on Maui via Akau's streaming video. Thanks to Akaku for doing this. While you are over on their web page, consider making a donation to support them. They've been doing a superb job, and no commercials!

If you can't stay tuned, check in at the Planet Kauai blog where the hearing is being live-blogged by Charley Foster. Once again, the blogs have stepped in to provide coverage of this important issue.


Hey, thanks Larry. I appreciate it.(Except the link isn't working. I think it's accidentally combined with another url in the link).

Yeah, sorry. I got emails also and fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Actually it was only a test to see if anyone reads my blog (fib).

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