Monday, November 06, 2006


Chair of UH Regents fails her Midterm (election) Exam

It seems like a simple comprehension test, but Kitty Lagareta is flunking it. All she had to do was understand a one-paragraph constitutional amendment so simple that you don't have to be a UH graduate to get the meaning.

Readers may remember that her appointment was one of the controversial "friends of Linda" series, wherein Governor Linda Lingle (perhaps emulating her mentor, George Bush) appointed contributors, supporters and cronies (and their spouses!) to key government and board positions. As we learned from FEMA, buddies may not be the best choices for responsible positions.

State Constitutional Amendment #1 (please vote "yes") would remedy this.

The amendment reads: 1. UH regents selection Pool
"Shall the governor be required to select board of regents candidates from a pool of qualified candidates screened and proposed by a candidate advisory council for the board of regents of the University of Hawaii as provided by law?"

For a discussion of Lagareta's op-ed and a rebuttal, see Gary Hooser's Blog article Response SB OpEd by KL on U.H. Regent proposal. Sen. Hooser more than sets Lagareta's misrepresentations straight. This guy has guts.

Oh, I nearly forgot to say, "You're doing one heckuva job, Kitty."


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