Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Bush vs. Saddam: vying for a legacy

That the court trying Saddam Hussein in Iraq would pronounce its verdict just two days before a US election widely viewed to be a referendum on Bush and his buddies is not surprising. Were you surprised?

Like fake robocalls to Democratic voters, this was a fake verdict. According to today's Democracy Now:
NBC News is reporting the U.S.-funded Iraqi High Tribunal went ahead with the sentencing even though the verdict was not yet completed. On Sunday the presiding judge did not read the actual verdict and reporters still have not received copies.
So now, there is speculation on Saddam's execution and what effect that would have inside Iraq. Some say that Bush is creating a martyr that he didn't need, considering how poorly his war is going already.

Paradoxically, Saddam may leave a better legacy among his people than Bush among his. As time goes by, even Saddam's enemies may count up who killed more Iraqies, Saddam or us. As time goes by, even Bush's fervent supporters may come to understand his responsibility for massive death and destruction.

They way the American people view events in Iraq depends on their willingness to dig for the facts. We don't have any way to clearly follow events in Iraq through the distorted lens of our mainstream media. If you use a newsreader or are willing to click on a website every so often, I recommend the following to you.

Read Helena Cobban on the Saddam Hussein trial. She has experience with the aftermath of these sorts of trials.

Don't miss tuning in regularly to Riverbend's blog, Baghdad Burning. Her article on the trial is here.

The blogosphere will not let you down if you are looking for intelligent alternatives to Associated Press and other MSM. For wire service dispatches, why not add Agence France-Presse to your reading list?

And don't forget one of the best news sources on the web: Democracy Now!. The program is not only available on the web but is broadcast nationally on over 500 radio and TV stations including in Hawaii. See the broadcast schedule over on the left side of this blog.


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