Saturday, April 22, 2006


Rep. Bev Harbin introduces resolution to reform House rules

Representative Bev Harbin introduced HR283 on Friday April 20 to prevent bills from being plunked down in front of House members for final reading without notice.

The resolution's purpose is stated as:
Amending the rules of the house of representatives to require that all bills to be considered for final reading be listed on the order of the day at least twenty-four hours in advance of final reading.
If the rules were amended as in this reso it would remove one method that House leadership may use to bulldoze a measure through the final reading process.

The resolution has been referred to the Legislative Management Committee chaired by Rep. Michael Y. Magaoay and the Judiciary Committee chaired by Rep. Sylvia Luke.

You can help this reso pass by calling Rep. Magaoay at 586-6380 or email and Rep. Luke at 586-8530 or email and asking that the resolution be heard by those committees.


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