Saturday, April 22, 2006


Mayor and City still evade responsibility to evicted Ala Moana homeless

In the April 20, 2006 Honolulu Advertiser article Ala Moana park closure extended, City Parks Director Lester Chang said "We've had a lot of positive feedback about the nightly closures."

What about the outrage that others have expressed about how the families were routed from the park in pouring rain with no plans to put them up elsewhere? People from all over the island gathered food and supplies to keep these families from crisis as the Mayor and the City tried to look the other way.

What about negative feedback from social service agencies and advocates who pointed out that all of them have been separated from the social services that might have helped them regain permanent shelter?

What we expect from the City is a practical plan to end homelessness one day. While we wait, something must be done other than chase people from location to location.

Don't the Mayor and the City feel any shame for what they are doing to these families, which include many children?

Here is an alert issued by The Interfaith Alliance of Hawaii on the same day:

4/20/06 UPDATE

Ala Moana Park Houseless (Ohana O’'Hawaii) Need Help

The houseless who were evicted from Ala Moana Park on March 27 were given shelter at Kawaihao and Central Union Churches until April 30, a date that is rapidly approaching. Those at Kawaihao have organized there own leadership council and are successfully governing themselves. They are successfully demonstrating that safe zones can work, where the houseless govern themselves. Even with this success, neither the city nor State is willing to create safe zones

The houseless at Kawaihao have been sign holding at City Hall ever since their eviction to support to encourage the Mayor and the Governor to find a place for them have a good night's sleep.

To support them, if you are able, please join their sign holding campaign, particularly on

     Monday April 24 at 9:00 am to 10:00 am at City hall

     Monday, April 24, 4 pm TO 5:30 pm

     Tuesday, April 25 10am to noon

Make your signs (or you may borrow a sign) and join the houseless in calling for a place for them to stay. Currently under consideration.

1. Sand Island

2. Keehi Lagoon

3. Kamehameha Schools land

4. Church lands

5. Conservation Lands

6. DHHL Lands

7. Other

Funds are also welcome for a multitude of advocacy and emergency needs. Checks may be made out to The Interfaith Alliance Hawaii, 20 South Vineyard Blvd, Honolulu 96813, designated for the Ala Moana Houseless.


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