Friday, December 30, 2005


Vets fill empty spaces in Democratic Party slates

More than 30 Iraq and Persian Gulf War veterans have entered congressional races across the country as Democrats, hoping to capitalize on their military experience to topple the incumbent Republican majority.
Readers may know that I have spoken out on the lack of a Democrat to run against Governor Linda Lingle in Hawaii. In two days it will be 2006 and no one has come forward to oppose her. Indeed, each potential candidate has taken a giant step backwards.

Although we live in a democracy, most people participate only through their vote, about once every four years. So the debate that comes with a contested election is particularly important. Without an opposition candidate, there's no debate, and the incumbent can do as she/he wants.

Probably it is Lingle's huge war chest that scares off potential candidates. There may be some who can go up against Lingle and her big-money Mainland contributors by taking the opposite tack--refusing to accept large donations. Harry Kim could be someone to carry out that kind of a campaign successfully, but regrettably he is not yet a candidate. Others come to mind as well.

In the meantime, across the country, veterans are stepping forward to fill the vacuum the Democrats have left. See this article in the Denver Post.


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