Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Ag news always omitted - why?

There is such a strong inculcation in modern society of one economic model--the one in which we are consumers, fulfilling our role to support the megabusinesses that own almost everything--that it's hard to imagine a different model. Both small business and small agriculture are squeezed out of this model, but while small business still hangs in there, small agriculture has been badly deprecated. We are not supposed to be buying locally, from farmers or at farmers markets--that would depress supermarket stocks.

It's also virtually impossible to get news on local ag. While the Hang Seng Index is in the papers and often announced on radio or TV, try to find out what's happening with, say, "tilapia futures."

We do have a new source of ag news in Hawaii. Gail Jennings knows how to get the ag news, and she includes in regularly in her weekly podcast.

For this and many other reasons, you may want to tune in to the Hawaii Diner Podcast at the website.


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