Friday, September 25, 2020


Hawaii Board of Education Agrees to Re-Hear Kahuku Windmill Petition, Settles Lawsuit

Every board and commission is required to deliberate and make decisions
in an open manner after allowing the public an opportunity to testify.
 --Attorney Lance D. Collins

From today’s news release:

Kahuku, Oahu -- The Board of Education has agreed to settle Kahuku
parent Sunny Unga's lawsuit by re-hearing her petition for rule making.

In January, Ms. Unga filed a petition with the Board of Education asking
them to add a rule that requires schools and libraries to hold community
meetings before providing official comments on proposed developments.

Ms. Unga's concern stemmed from the Department of Education's official
comment of no concern regarding the Kahuku windmills that now tower
directly over Kahuku Elementary School.

The proposed rule would require the Department to hold a community
meeting and solicit family and community feedback before providing
official comment on proposed developments.

In early February, the Board held a secret, closed meeting where they
denied Ms. Unga's petition.

The Board of Education has now agreed to rescind the secret, closed vote
and to hold a new open meeting and allow public testimony before
considering the petition.

"We look forward to having the Board seriously consider requiring
earnest  and meaningful community engagement when developments are
proposed close to schools." said Plaintiff and Kahuku mother Sunny Unga.

The Board has not yet set the date to consider the petition.


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