Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Fishing licence hearing notice posted in Hawaiian and English

by Larry Geller

Hawaii has two official languages, though in practice Hawaiian isn’t and generally can’t be used in any official circumstance.

But today I discovered that a hearing notice has been posted which is carefully written in both languages.  This is remarkable enough to qualify for a couple of exclamation marks!!!


The notice is one that should be important to Hawaiian fisherman—it is for decisionmaking on SB152, a bill that could eliminate competition for jobs in the state’s long line fishing fleet.  Here is the description of the bill:


Requires commercial marine license applicants to appear in front of DLNR in person.  Prohibits DLNR from issuing or renewing a commercial marine license to an alien crew member who has not been granted permission to land temporarily pursuant to federal law.

Strangely, this description is the only thing on the page not translated into Hawaiian.


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