Thursday, September 15, 2016


$3 billion cap on rail spending evaporated within a decade without a squeak

"I was startled that the people who are doing the alternatives analysis (study) are looking at a $3 billion cap on spending rather than a system that will work for Oahu," Councilwoman Barbara Marshall said.—
0/9/2006 Star-Bulletin story

by Larry Geller

So now we’re looking at $8.1 or maybe $10 billion and still won’t have “a system that will work for Oahu.”

So full speed ahead—with no plan in sight.

That story was published on September 8, 2006, almost exactly 10 years ago. But another significant date mentioned in the article was January 1, 2007: the day the extra 0.5 percent transit surcharge was to begin.

So not only was there no plan, but they were going to steal more tax money from us to pay for the non-plan.

Only in Hawaii (I wonder) will people accept this from their government. Well, regardless of whether we are unique in this regard, it’s troubling to me that  we let our “leaders” get away with this.

Next thing you know, they will want to steal our parks and other public spaces from us. Oh yeah, that’s already in the works.

Bottom line for me is the question why we just take whatever is dished out to us without much protest, or at least without enough to matter?

Some of those citycouncilpeople still have their jobs today, for example, and one of them is even running for mayor.


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