Friday, March 25, 2016


Monocle video showcases a Japanese department store Isetan

IsetanOne of the many routines pleasures of living in Japan was to shop at any of the many department stores. The video linked below is from the latest podcast posted by Monocle magazine. It only shows the fancy bits of the Isetan department store in Shinjuku in the short time they gave it, but it is a good snapshot of the store and its attitude towards its customers.

Isetan foodThere's much more to that store or others—for example the food floors in the basement. They often connect with nearby subway concourses. And for a small fee department stores will send your puchases to your home the next day, making subway shopping possible.

This is from the Monocle's RSS feed. On most browsers the video will play if you just click the link.

One of Japan's most venerable department stores, Isetan stocks everything you'll ever need. We hit the shop floor to find out the secret of its success.

* Duration: 2:36*

Published: 3/22/16 5:00:00 AM *

Episode Download Link (14 MB):

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