Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Google is following you everywhere and now spills the beans

by Larry Geller

When news broke that the affair website Ashley Madison was hacked, the blood pressure of its users must have gone off the scale. Imagine if their spouse found out??

heads up - Google is following youNow, thanks to Google, there’s an easy way for spouses to track each other. Or an opportunity for hackers to follow phone users. No password is required, if you can get hold of her/his phone somehow. Try while she/he is asleep, for example.

Just open Google Maps, which comes with Android phones, tap the three lines at the upper left which bring up the menu, and select “Timeline” if it’s there. The feature is supposed to be rolling out now.

If the phone has its location permissions turned on, as perhaps most do, you’ve got a record of spousie’s comings and goings. Piece of cake.

Thanks to @ninatypewriter for the Heads-up. Links below.


Google's new Timeline feature is a terrifying reminder to turn your location off right now (The Daily Dot, 7/28/2015)

Google’s Location History is Still Recording Your Every Move (How to Geek) At the bottom of this article is info on how to set up a secret account on someone’s phone to use to track them. Scary!

Your Timeline: Revisiting the world that you’ve explored (Google, 7/21/2015)


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