Tuesday, June 23, 2015


FSRN: Civil suits against police cost taxpayers millions but rarely result in reforms

This blog has pointed out that cities, whether they are Honolulu or New York or Seattle, for example, appear to treat the cost of settling with the victims of their civil rights violations as just a cost of doing business. After all, none of them have to pay personally. The money comes out of our wallets and purses as taxes. Same for our Department of Education’s settlements with families of special needs children whose rights they have violated. Also same for payments for damages due to our badly maintained streets.

I’ve pointed out that because there are no consequences, the violations (and the later settlements) happen over and over again.

Here’s confirmation that these settlements also fail to bring about necessary reforms, from a Free Speech Radio News report, reproduced here without alteration (except that the picture doesn’t seem to play the audio report when you click it, go to the original article for that).

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Civil suits against police cost taxpayers millions but rarely result in reforms

(Photo Credit: Robotpolisher via Flickr Creative Commons)
(Photo Credit: Robotpolisher via Flickr Creative Commons)


Maybe this is a little progress:

Thank you for pointing to that article.

Yes, perhaps it is the beginning of something--in particular, if the DOJ does go after local police.

Your comment is very appreciated.

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