Thursday, May 07, 2015


Video: City Council warned that its new sit-lie ban bill is illegal

by Larry Geller

There are two good comments attached to today’s article, Honolulu City Council accelerates its cruel crackdown on the homeless with new ban (5/7/2015). Please click over and read them.

The first suggests something I might do with my $20 instead of sending it to the ACLU. The second includes a video clipped by H. Doug Matsuoka of City Managing Director Roy Amemiya informing the City Council that their bill to extend the sit-lie ban is illegal. Or, you can watch that video below, it’s short and to the point.

Amemiya also stated that since the City considers the proposed law to be illegal, they would have a problem enforcing it.

Now, if it supersedes the current law, would that mean that it could not be enforced anywhere at all? I think that’s the possible result.

The City Council passed the bill anyway on Wednesday.



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