Thursday, April 30, 2015


Washington Post imagines foreign coverage of Baltimore, but is accused of printing lies about Freddie Gray’s death

Local leaders in the American township of Baltimore imposed a state of martial law this week after peaceful protests turned violent. In response, countries around the world have advised darker-skinned nationals against non-essential travel to areas noted for state violence against unarmed people of color, especially in recent hot spots such as New York, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Ohio, California, Michigan, Virginia and now Maryland.—Washington Post’s fake news

by Larry Geller

The Washington Post is crowding The Daily Show territory… except it’s not funny. Good job, though.

International human rights groups have appealed to the global community to facilitate asylum for America’s ethnic black minorities. When asked whether the European Union was willing to take on more black refugees risking their lives in fleeing American state violence, an E.U. human rights spokesman said: “More black refugees? We are dealing with our own Mediterranean crisis, so now is not really a good time for that for us. Furthermore, we believe in American solutions to American problems.” The African Union has not responded to requests for comment.

American government officials took to state media, characterizing the protesters as “thugs,” a racially coded word increasingly used to describe black males in America.

[Washington Post, How Western media would cover Baltimore if it happened elsewhere, 4/30/2015] [includes video]

That’s the fake news, but back in the real world the Washington Post has been accused of propagating lies about the Freddie Gray death.

See: A complete takedown of the lies spread by the Baltimore PD and Washington Post on Freddie Gray (DailyKos, 4/30/2015). It’s not possible to snip from this article, please click over and read it yourself.


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