Saturday, March 21, 2015


A drone to annoy the cat with

by Larry Geller

When I started writing about personal drones a couple of years ago, they were small winged aircraft. Suddenly, it seems, quadcopters took over. Amazon wants to deliver packages using a quadcopter.

They’re much more versatile. They can hover, go in any direction, even climb walls. They can carry cameras. They can be used to report news, check crops, survey disaster scenes, or to rescue people. Or use one to take selfies.

Watch out worldHere’s one that maybe can be used to swat flies? There are, in fact, tiny cameras that it might carry.

Or you can use it to annoy the cat.

And it costs just $14 dollars, including postage from China, but you need to have your own joystick controller.

Update: Amazon seems to be testing octocopters for package delivery. See image on this page.


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