Monday, February 02, 2015


Make Groundhog Day a Hawaii holiday next year

by Larry Geller

frazz 20150202

The Frazz comic was outstanding this morning, as usual.

Happy … random wholly manufactured arbitrary holiday that's harmless and kind of fun and doesn’t cost a small fortune or potentially cause hurt feelings.

That’s right… the newspaper ads are not full of Groundhog Day chocolates one must buy, and as far as I know, Hallmark has not made a big move to push those expensive greeting cards on us, either.

What a waste (from a marketer’s point of view, I mean).

How about making Groundhog Day, starting next year, into a Hawaii holiday? It’s just waiting to be coopted.

There are many possibilities. For example, start a contest in November with prizes awarded on Groundhog Day 2015. Prizes would, of course, be expense-paid trips to Hawaii usable within the next six weeks.

It’s not that the hotels aren’t already bursting with tourists this time of year, just that here is an opportunity crying out to be exploited.

Plus, it’s an opportunity for product placement. However it is done, weatherpeople on major TV channels on the mainland ought to report Hawaii weather on February 2 each year.

Give Punxsutawney Phil keys to the city, or make him an honorary ambassador. Let’s have pictures of him on the beach or surfing.

I put this out freely, no charge. Or, Outrigger, Hyatt, Hilton, et. al., you could click on the Donate button at the top of this web page. I wouldn’t mind at all if you did.


Darn- I've been basting my roast groundhog all day and no one showed up.

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