Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Be there tomorrow: Hawaii’s Supreme Court takes up the Kyo-ya alleged beach encroachment case

by Larry Geller

While the tourists compete for selfies in front of the gold-leaf statue of Kamehameha the Great, you can be inside the historic and beautiful Supreme Court behind the statue tomorrow to experience the oral arguments in the Kyo-Ya alleged beach encroachment lawsuit.

Henry Curtis described the case in such detail that you may feel it’s ok to stay home, but why not consider his blog post to be a “playbill” that explains the action on stage? Henry gave every detail except the time of the hearing (8:45 a.m.). Do read the description, because the judges have been briefed, and so they won’t be hearing the case from scratch. Everyone else will know what’s going on, so the notes will bring you up to speed.

The case is important if you feel that tourist interests should be subordinate to enforcing laws and ordinances that preserve our shoreline for everyone’s use.

Will you be able to read about it in the newspaper the next day? Maybe. But I’m suggesting that it is very worth taking a seat in the audience and experiencing the judicial process at work in an impressive, historical setting. They just don’t make courtrooms like that any more.

Again, the hearing is scheduled for 8:45 a.m., and it’s behind the statue in the Ali`iolani Hale, 2nd Floor at 417 South King Street.

If you can’t make it and don’t want your own selfie with the King, oral arguments are posted on-line after the hearings on the Judiciary website here.


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