Friday, December 05, 2014


Protests sweep the country again tonight (Friday)

by Larry Geller

Update: So what appeared in the Star-Advertiser on Saturday morning? There was an article on a lawsuit filed by the family of Tamir Rice, the black sixth-grader shot by police in Cleveland last month (see this). At the end of that story, if one had read it, were mentions of nationwide protests such as in New York, the Apple store and Columbus Circle, and at Yale. So I give them a C-, at least they carried the Rice story.

The Star-Advertiser did carry an AP story this morning that gave a pretty good account of protests at various places around the country. It even discussed the issues surrounding the grand jury process. It’s good to see the key national story of the present time finally revealed in our local paper.

Let’s see what they carry tomorrow—the streets are still hot with protest this evening, as evidenced by a flood of tweets. Some include photos, others videos or livestream links. One noted that NYC police seem to be singling out livestreamers for arrest.

Man shot in Los Angeles

I suspected it would just be a question of time. It appears that a protester was shot and killed in Los Angeles—and some tweets report that he was handcuffed after he was dead. Clearly, this is something we’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s news to sort out.

Two more grand jury decisions coming soon

Two more grand juries

If these also result in no charges, the country might explode…


Protests across the country and elsewhere

From a quick scan of tweets, here’s what I found:

New York City: traffic stopped on FDR drive, and Apple Store and Macy’s shut down, Columbus Circle was closed, a huge die in was held at Grand Central Station, protests at One Police Plaza, rabbis arrested for praying on street (?)

Ferguson: die in

Oakland: Rt 880 repeatedly shut down, protesters faced down riot police, BART station actions

Boston: Central Square


Austin: Congress Bridge

Washington DC: an intersection blocked


U. Florida

Portland, OR: streets blocked

Los Angeles: protester killed by police

San Diego

San Francisco: Powell & Market St.

New Orleans: protesters lie down on streetcar tracks



Chicago: kids protest

Tokyo: silent march against police brutality

Gaza: Children stand in solidarity

Seoul Korea: vigil planned for tomorrow


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