Monday, September 29, 2014


Sending Ember Shinn & Jun Yang to Costco for a hot asphalt camping experience

by Larry Geller


Costco Iwilei re-paved their parking lot about two weeks ago. It still has that great, fresh petroleum smell. And look at how bright the white paint is!

So I suggest that City Managing Director Ember Shinn and city housing czar Jun Yang arrange to set up a couple of tents there and experience for themselves how great it is to live outside, in the blazing hot Honolulu sun, on asphalt.

Last week was really warm, as you’ll remember. One day it was 86 degrees inside the Costco warehouse. We stopped by the food court for a snack and couldn’t help noticing the asphalt-scented breeze blowing by as we ate. I’ll have to admit to never having tasted a Very Berry Sunday with that same rich petroleum aroma.

While camping there, of course, I’d like Shinn and Yang to think of the people they would condemn to a similar existence at their planned city-run Sand Island homeless camp. Think of the kids enjoying the reflected heat, or the elders sweating out their days at the camp.


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