Thursday, September 18, 2014


MRAPs for school districts? Colbert shows why they need to defend themselves

by Larry Geller

The San Diego School District needs their MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle) to defend themselves, according to Stephen Colbert. Against what? Watch the video.

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The Colbert Report
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The excuse given to the public was that the same vehicle used to patrol the streets of Baghdad will be used to store medical supplies and teddy bears. The reader should notice that this is not an article on The Onion.

“There will be teddy bears in the vehicle. There will be trauma kits in the vehicle in the event any student is injured and our officers are trained to give first aid and CPR.”

The Chief seems to believe that the MRAP will roll out whenever a student in the district is injured. This is, of course, a lie to sell the idea of militarizing a school police department to the public.

[, School District gets MRAP to Store “Teddy Bears”, 9/18/2014]

CA releases 1033 program data<br>Los Angeles School Police Department received three grenade launchers

From the above link, what the LA school district police department received:

Los Angeles School Police Department

    61 assault rifles, all M16 5.56 mm

    3 grenade launchers

    1 mine resistant vehicle (MRAP)

That’s right, 61 assault rifles in a school district, etc. The existence of that arsenal alone presents a threat to public safety. I hope they don’t store the stuff in school lockers…


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