Monday, August 04, 2014


Be a proxy for the OHA vote

by Larry Geller

I personally don’t believe that non-Hawaiians should vote for OHA representatives, but that’s the way it is.

So each time, I ask for advice from Native Hawaiians whom I trust, and use that for guidance.  In a sense, doing this amplifies their vote. So I kind of make myself a “proxy” instead of choosing by myself.

If you feel similarly, try it. Ask.

Of course, you still have to choose if you get several conflicting recommendations…

I thought I would post the recommendations I received here, but I’m somehow not completely confident about doing that, so please ask someone on your own.


I used to feel that way but because I feel like the state is an agent of the illegal federal military occupation of Hawaii and OHA is just an arm of the state I don't want to give them legitimacy by voting in the election. To do so would just contribute the theft of the land belonging to the kanaka maoli. You can't both support an independence model of sovereignty and vote in an election that perpetuates the ongoing genocide.

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