Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Will proposed punitive laws make it illegal to sit while nursing a baby on the sidewalks of Honolulu?

by Larry Geller

One last thought on the nursing one’s baby issue.

If the Honolulu City Council passes its punitive ordinances as expected, it will become illegal in Honolulu to sit down on the sidewalk and nurse a baby, or just carry an infant, for example. Mothers will have to stand up.

Of course, a new law will be enforced selectively against the homeless, that’s the motivation for these laws in the first place.

Since most people have smartphones with cameras, I hope that there will be video documentation when HPD puts the cuffs on a mom holding her infant on her lap on the sidewalk.

Thank you, City Council, for being such caring and thoughtful human beings.



Can blind man's service dog nurse her puppies while lying on the sidewalk in front of a homes shelter? Enquiring minds want to know.

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