Saturday, June 07, 2014


Pennsylvania school district may respond responsibly to feeding of dog biscuits to students, as opposed to Hawaii’s response to the same thing

by Larry Geller

A Pennsylvania school district says an aide has been suspended after she tricked students into eating pet snacks by telling them they were cookies.

The aide has been suspended pending an internal investigation.

[Star-Advertiser, School: Aide told students pet treats were cookies, 6/7/2014]

Contrast this with a somewhat similar case in Hawaii in which a special education teacher allegedly washed out the mouth of one student with soap, fed another dog biscuits, and pushed a pencil point into the mouth of another. This was reported to the Board of Education in July of 2000, a time, incidentally, when the Board permitted testimony on that subject.

What happened to the Hawaii sped teacher accused of feeding a student dog biscuits?

Parents learned afterwards that the alleged perpetrator was simply moved to another school, and in fact, promoted.


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