Monday, May 19, 2014


OHA meeting notice indicates only personnel matters to be discussed in executive session today

by Larry Geller

OHA will hold a board of trustees meeting today at 10 a.m.  They still haven’t posted it on the state calendar:

OHA bot

But it is listed on their website. According to the agenda, it appears that they will be discussing the conduct of CEO Dr. Kamana`opono Crabbe, not anything related to policy or action to be taken with regard to the letter he sent to Secretary of State John Kerry. I’m not sure what the second item is about.

exec session

It’s also not clear that this meeting was called as a result of a vote at an open meeting. I’ve requested the minutes of the Washington DC meeting which preceded today’s scheduled executive session, but OHA has 30 days to create the minutes, so no immediate reply is expected.

Let’s see what is reported after the meeting.

In the meantime, some good background is in a article, Overflow Crowd Voices Support for Crabbe at OHA Maui Meeting (, 5/15/2014).

For a detailed analysis of the Sunshine Law as it applies to OHA trustee meetings, see OHA’s “Executive Meeting” Monday Another Violation of Sunshine Law? (Hawaiian Kingdom Blog, 5/16,2014). They did a really good job of explaining the situation, IMHO, with much more detail than I wrote in my earlier article.


the only thing the kingdom of hawaii blog got wrong is that the vote to go into executive session can occur during the same meeting that the executive session is planned. in other words, the OHA meeting today should have started as an open meeting and accepted public testimony, etc., then the trustees would have voted for executive session. if 2/3rds voted affirmatively, then the executive session would have started. If they didn't get 2/3rds, the meeting would then have no other noticed items and the meeting would have ended. if OHA did not allow the public to attend at all (even for the introductory matters and receiving of oral testimony), then a violation has occurred.

Thanks for your comment. I believe you are completely correct.

I couldn't attend the meeting, so won't know if they took their vote as you described until the minutes come out, or until I can locate someone who did attend.

Hmmm. I'll tweet to see if someone can reply to this issue.

the second item is OHA/ K Roll lobbyist Dennis Dwyer reporting on Federal Recognition progress.
Google Dwyer / Waihee / Wong
Google Dwyer / HART

Does america have a treaty of cession with the Hawaiian kingdom??? Where is it???

Treaties are the law of the land. America does not have a treaty of cession from the Hawaiian kingdom.
Using monies from the land that belongs to the HK to usurp and denationalize its people is a war crime.
Oha is part of an illegal regime.

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