Monday, November 04, 2013


Photo ID now required for testimony on marriage equality bill due to cheating and purloined official list of testifiers

by Larry Geller

Two snips for you, but better to click over and read Cheating allegations at Capitol during same-sex marriage public hearing (Hawaii News Now, 11/4/2013).

Suspicious activity during Saturday night's public hearing on a controversial same-sex marriage bill has prompted officials to change their procedures.
Capitol officials confirm they're investigating who took a list of registered names and numbers from the check-in desk Saturday.

Officials say it's unclear how many people may have been involved.  Testifiers will now have to present a photo ID when they initially check-in and right before they testify at the podium.


New Hope Metro's Senior Pastor Elwin Ahu posted this message on his Facebook page Sunday:

If you organize people from your churches who can stay at the capitol all day and "read testimony" on behalf of others, that may be a start.

I’ve omitted a lot that is important. Please read the original report at the link above.


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