Friday, November 01, 2013


Hawaii marriage equality bill: Astute 1-year old fears for survival of family’s church

by Larry Geller

If legislators accept a raw count of testimonies submitted on a bill without review, they would be playing into the hands of those working to stuff the ballot box in favor of their side.

Since legislators won’t spend the time to sort out the wheat from the chaff, they shouldn’t take these meaningless numbers into consideration.

As an example, there are five testimonies from one family included on the Capitol website page for SB1, the marriage equality bill now being heard in special session. One is marked as from a 1-year old kid. Not bad spelling, kid, keep up your good work.

To: JDLTestimony-WrittenOnly
Subject: Opposition to SBl NO1
Date: Sunday, October 27, 2013 10:29:21 AM

I am ------------------------------ from Waihe’e,‘Oahu. I am testifying in regards to SB NO 1 and let it be documented that I personally oppose this bill and any fraction thereof. I am taking this stance because the current wording/rights of this Bill would severely damage my church and many other churches-We would have to shut down. Please do not violate our rights, guaranteed by the first amendment, in the name of equality.

I believe that Marriage is between one man and one woman.

I am thankful for this opportunity to share my mana’o with you all in hearing my position, which again is opposition to bill SB NO 1.

Me ka ha’aha’a

-------------------------- Age 1
(phone number)

I can share this child’s pain that a church may have to shut down. Not really. We’ll see if that church is still around for this family should the bill pass into law.

This testimony was identified by Anonymous, helpfully commenting on my post, Actual count of testimony on marriage equality bill shows a 12 point spread in favor, not 20-percentage points against, (10/31/2013).

Although I’ve omitted the child’s name, you can find all of the family’s testimonies easily from the info given by Anonymous in the comment.

It’s nice to contemplate that when this youngster grows up, who knows, he/she may personally benefit from the passage of the marriage equality act.


he's also bilingual. now that's very impressive

Do you really think anybody believes this came from a one year old?

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