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August 26, 2003 Kokua Council program: Funding Nonprofits: Who gets funded and why

The funding of non-profits in Honolulu has recently been the subject of some controversy (see Related, below). For those who are following the issue, here is video from Kokua Council’s August 26 meeting at which they hosted a panel discussion to get responses to audience questions.


Ann Kobayashi, City Council Member

Pam Witty-Oakland, Honolulu C&C Community Services Director

Lisa Maruyama, Executive Director, HANO (Hawaii Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations

Moderator and organizer:

Jim Shon

(click the little thingy at the lower right for full-screen)



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Thank you for posting this discussion. As Councilmember Kobayashi mentioned several times, they put ~$8 million into the current budget for specific nonprofit organizations. Some of those nonprofits were not in compliance with federal or state laws. One spent only about 15% of its funding on programs -- most of the money went to travel costs for administration/management of the organization.

These organizations were not properly vetted. Yes, there were council meetings on the budget, but these particular funds were put in as line-item additions at the committee level. There was no application process. There was no discussion about the programs. And there was no coverage of these line-item additions until the mayor sent out a press release about them. That is not the proper way to handle taxpayer funds.

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