Monday, July 15, 2013


Ho hum… Lahaina Noon today at 12:37

by Larry Geller

Exciting picNews you will likely not see in the paper. For good reason.

Those having nothing better to do at 12:37 may go outside, where they will notice that they cast no shadow on the ground. The sun will be directly overhead in Honolulu at that time.

For other locations in Hawaii, if you really care, see this helpful page at the KITV website for the correct time in your location.

Hawaii is the only state where this phenomenon takes place.

What can you do at Lahaina Noon? Well, considering that we no longer pay for film, you can shoot exciting pictures like this one with your smartphone and tweet them to all your friends on the Mainland, for example. Or not.

Astro Bob has some better pictures than this, I’ll have to admit.

“Today, I'm a shadowless man.
The sun calls me into the street,
and I walk alone into the light
of noon. The moment has come.”

-- from Lahaina Noon, a poem by Eric Paul Shaffer


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