Friday, July 26, 2013


Day 628 brings raid #74, the first Bill 7 raid on deOccupy Honolulu..

By H. Doug Matsuoka

Newly passed Bill 7 allows the police to take tents, clothes, food, and anything at all from anyone on the sidewalk. It has been used to raid other homeless encampments, but not deOccupy Honolulu. Until tonight.

Complete flickr set here:

Raw footage of the livestream (I lose audio right at Laulani's interview -- sorry):

What does this mean? Is this the end of deOccupy? Who will speak for the homeless?

Stay tuned...

H. Doug Matsuoka
26 July 2013
Makiki, Honolulu


Under cover of darkness...chilling, no?

No one was protected or served by this action.

Indeed, no one except for the rich and powerful.

I was there personally and counted about 20 police officers and another 3-5 plain-clothed "undercover" officers - one of whom is supposedly a Federal Agent and could pass for a student or activist. With them were another 10 workers from the Dpt. of Parks & Recreations and the Dpt. of Facility Maintenance. One representative from the Dpt. of Housing was there, whom you can see in the live stream above, to "help people find homes."

Pay attention to the time-line, friends.
Thursday, raid cycle hits Thomas Square in the middle of the night.
Saturday, La Hoihoi Ea the celebration of national sovereignty is held at Thomas Square.
Wednesday, rumors about the mayor throwing his own sovereignty celebration also at Thomas Square, without any coordination or discussion with the La Hoihoi Ea organizers. He's about to pull a PR stunt.

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