Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Star-Advertiser op-ed reacts to Diocese ad

The problem is that the diocese makes it seem like the abused have an illness in need of therapy when in actuality they are victims of a crime in need of justice. What these people really need is an attorney who will take their case to court…

by Larry Geller

The pull-quote is from a well-written op-ed in today’s Star-Advertiser by Marilyn Wong: Victims of church sexual abuse need criminal lawyers, not therapy (Star-Advertiser p.A15, 6/12/2013). Check it out if you have or can find a copy of the paper.

Directing victims to go to the diocese for help is like sending the sheep back to the wolves. The diocese had the chance years ago to help victims, but did not act because, at the time, the statute of limitations protected the church. Instead, people claiming abuse were vilified, accused of seeking money, and told that the limitations had expired on their cases. Now that the two-year window has been opened, the church is scurrying to connect with the victims.

For more on the ad, see: Roman Catholic Diocese ad is a disservice to victims of sexual abuse (6/4/2013).

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