Wednesday, May 22, 2013


(de)Occupy case, and great Honolulu Weekly letter

by Larry Geller

Two orders were issued by Judge Seabright in the (de)Occupy vs. Honolulu case yesterday. One is very complicated, I couldn’t unscramble it right away. Standby for more news tomorrow. Yes, the case is very much alive and is moving along.

In the meantime, check out this letter in the Honolulu Weekly. The paper has always granted its letter writers plenty of column-inches to express themselves, and The homeless experience has made very good use of that privilege. It’s pretty strong in assigning responsibility to the City for causing the problems it has been complaining about so loudly.

I find it strange that we live in a state that invented “aloha spirit” yet disavows it so regularly at a government level.


Caldwell's plan is not really his plan at all but a proven one which has worked across the nation. While no plan is perfect and the bugs will have to be ironed out, it is a plan. It's time for the remaining homeless advocates to join with the majority of the homeless advocates and work towards making this plan better. We have to get beyond the "NO CAN WORK" attitude which solves nothing while the problem gets worse.

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