Monday, April 08, 2013


New anti-smoking law—will it really be enforced?

by Larry Geller

Breaking news from the Star-Advertiser website: Glitch in law may delay beach smoking ban enforcement (Star-Advertiser, 4/8/2013).

An email alert to subscribers earlier today read” Caldwell approves smoking ban at some beaches and parks. The new headline reflects a quick setback that probably should have been considered before the bill was passed.

Six of the seven properties are owned by the state and, as a result, require separate language changes to the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu for enforcement to be allowed, Parks Director Toni Robinson said in a letter to City Council Chairman Ernie Martin last Tuesday.

An additional bill will now likely be needed.

They’ll get it straight one day soon.

And then, either police who should be enforcing traffic laws will have another excuse not to—it’s easier to walk around in the parks and issue smoking tickets than it is to grab cars for not stopping before turning right on red.

And will they ever get around to grabbing motorists who routinely run red lights?

Alternatively, HPD might enforce the no-smoking ban just as enthusiastically as they do the traffic laws. Which is to say, hardly at all.


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