Sunday, April 28, 2013


In our gun-toting country, protect your kids as best you can

by Larry Geller

Let’s concede that the NRA has won. It appears that Congress won’t pass any national gun control laws any time soon, and even if they did, there are so many guns already distributed in the population that it would take a couple of generations, in the absence of a nation-wide buy-back campaign, before this country became any safer. People clean their guns, they don’t let them rust or throw them away.

The Right has proposed arming school guards. Let’s not get into the debate on the wisdom of that. I’d just like to offer that I’d hate to be employed as a school guard. Suppose someone did want to shoot up the school. Guess who’s the first target? Right, the school guard.

So what is a parent to do?

Enter the next unfortunate idea. Why not body armor for kids. It’s happening, no joking. Here’s a catalog page. A supplier, Miguel Caballero, is selling a line of kid-sized vests and backpacks for school kids under the MC Kids label.

kid body armor

When your older child outgrows the vest, it can be (if unused) handed down to the next sibling.

Check out the company website. They have a “Survivor Club,” but no kids are enrolled yet.

Also please check out this Mother Jones article with video. Notice how the company checks the quality of their products. My first job was in QA, but I don’t think I would like to work for that company. From the New Yorker article linked from Mother Jones:

Carolina Ballesteros, who is the company’s design director and Caballero’s fiancée, said that being shot by her boyfriend is “very normal”: he has more than two hundred employees and has shot most of them at least once, a practice that encourages team loyalty and close attention to quality control.



Fortunately commenters need not be shot by Larry to show loyalty to Disappeared News.

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