Friday, April 19, 2013


General election open on-line till 3 p.m.—Give a name to the latest trick our state legislature has come up with

by Larry Geller

Sen. Laura Thielen has unsealed the ballot boxes.

Cast  your vote.

You can vote today only on what to name those bills that the Legislature has dreamed up this session—the ones created by a likely unconstitutional procedure of stuffing new language into an already-heard bill.

From Sen. Thielen’s announcement

The Primary Election identified three top choices for the General Election. 

You can vote in the General Election here:

Rules of the General Election

1. Vote for only one name. 

2. General Election Voting will close at 3:00 p.m. Friday April 19.  The winner will be announced Friday night (barring any software glitches).

3. You do not have to be a member of any political party in order to vote. 

4. You are on the honor system.  Please do not vote more than one time. 

Remember, the purpose is to adopt a name for the Legislative process where a bill, without public notice, is amended to add a completely different topic.

The name should convey that the process is not open, not fair, and not desirable.  Cast your votes accordingly.

You can view the Primary Election results here:

One of my favorites made the cut, so I’ll be voting for it again.

Thanks to Sen. Thielen for bringing Comedy Central to Hawaii. Some of the names proposed were piercingly funny (I did kind of like Frankenbill).

Let’s see if the rest of the Legislature notices that the laugh is on them.

As with the Daily Show or Colbert Report, the subject is real news presented from an ordinary citizens’ viewpoint. If only the commercial press would examine the state of “democracy” in Hawaii. The legislature should give up “gut and replace” and whatever their newest gambit will be called. The won’t do it unless the people hold them to an honest process.

So cast your vote. Let’s give their latest game a name.


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