Sunday, April 21, 2013


Another petition—on pseudo-PLDC bills—to be filed under House and Senate rules

by Larry Geller

The movement marches on. I think this is new in Hawaii—not the PLDC protest, which has been pretty strong, but the direct confrontation with the Legislature.

The Repeal ACT 55 - PLDC Bill , passed by both the Senate and House of Representatives and now enrolled to the Governor for enactment, abolishes the PLDC and repeals its governing statutes in accordance with the Will of the People.

HOWEVER, House Bill 70, Senate Bill 1207 and Senate Bill 1171 separately serve to keep PLDC objectives alive and operating, thus flying in the face of the Will of the People.

We therefore Petition and strongly urge the Senate and the House of Representatives to REJECT House Bill 70, Senate Bill 1207 and Senate Bill 1171 in the greater public interest.

Check out the petition and add your support, if you like, at:



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